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Being green is more than just buying 'eco'. It is an unshakable commitment to a sustainable lifestyle" - Jennifer Nini



All of our fabric is unique. We use 100% deadstock from all over the world that otherwise would have been burned or buried. With each yard of fabric used, we save 700 gallons of water and contribute to 0% C02 emissions in production.


With no fabric being exactly like the other, all of our products are uniquely made. All of our clothing is hand-stiched locally in New York City and Conneticut. Our small business works to support other small businesses.


We're dedicated to creating a greener tomorrow. We ship all of our products in high quality, eco-friendly, 100% home compostable shipping mailers. Our shipping bags break down with zero waste and can be composted in your home backyard compost pile.

About Us

Our Story

Hi! We're Ashley and Nimra! We founded Infinitely as two first-generation college students eager to pave the way for a better planet. As young women of color, we felt that there wasn't enough access to high quality and affordable sustainble clothing.

So, we created Infinitely, a sustainable fashion brand ready to take down the world of fast fashion. We create high-quality versatile pieces because we want our customers to truly invest in their clothing.

Infinitely, doing good while we're here, for when we're no longer here.

Founder - Ashley and Nimra